7 Reasons why Skin Care Routine is IMPORTANT

Skin Care has become one of the top careers in the service industry with in the last few years. People are finally catching the "Buzz" of skin care and its benefits to finding your own routine for your type of skin. 


Sooo lets get into the reasons!!!


1. The average human sheds skins everyday of every minute

2. All skin types are different, so because of these differences, you may require more care than the next person. 

3. Beautiful skin is a life long process, the choices you make today will ultimately affect how your skin looks and feels in the future. 

4. Prevention is so much easier that actually having to deal with an actual issue, acne break out, clogged pores, ingrown hairs, taking steps to prevent these issues will definitely keep your skin vibrant present and future. 

5. Having a routine saves you money, $$ how you say? when taking care of you skin health you avoid issues down the line that may cost you way more than an over the counter fix, possibly forcing you go to a dermatologist as a result of your neglect. 

6.We all know it, its a mental thing, but "When you look good, you feel good" right? Having clean and clear skin will ultimately boost your confidence and keeps you looking your best.

7.  Creating healthy living routines will help  the development of healthier habits all around. some other great habits are oral care, hair and scalp care, nail care. etc. 


There is no time like to present to start your skin care journey and routine. Keep a skin care routine that works for you and continue to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing for the years to come! 


S Brabson

Creator Skin Evolution LLC 


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